The Club’s second member highlight event was held on November 14, 2018 to learn more about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The purpose of this event was to go beyond the hype and headlines and have an honest, informal discussion about the main issues surrounding this exciting field.

Our main speaker was Georgi Panterov. Georgi is a Research Assistant in the World Bank’s Chief Economist Office for Europe and Central Asia, where has worked on multiple flagship reports. His research interests focus on macro and monetary economics, machine learning, econometrics, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Before joining the World Bank, he worked with Google, the United States Department of Agriculture and American University.

Our discussant was Nikola Nikolov. Nikola is an attorney, who works in the market intelligence group of a major financial regulator. He is also the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Center. Since 2016, Nikola has been following the legal and regulatory developments surrounding blockchain technology in different jurisdictions.