Krasi Shapkarova February 22nd, 2017

Three Takeaways from the Bulgarian Professionals Club LinkedIn Workshop

Vanya Kaloferova and Krasi Shapkarova led a LinkedIn workshop attended by 20 members of the Bulgarian Professionals Club. In the course of two hours, Vanya and Krasi covered everything from basic information on how to set up a powerful profile to tips on how to maximize one’s professional online presence. Here are the main takeaways:

An incomplete profile is worse than no profile

  1. A headshot with a professional smile. Make sure you upload a headshot that welcomes visitors to your profile. It needs to convey trust that you know how to do what you say you can do.
  2. A concise headline. Your six-word brand should give viewers an idea of who you are. Avoid going for the safe option: your job title. You are and do more than your job title suggests.
  3. A polished summary. Tell your professional story through information about your background, interests, core competencies, and values. Mention a personal fact that gives other professionals a glimpse of who you are beyond your professional engagements. As you work on your summary, consider keywords from your target area as these bring recruiters to your profile.
  4. Customized LinkedIn URL. It’s easy to do and it shows you are serious about your online profile.

Connect with target professionals the right way

  1. First, you must identify potential target connections. The obvious groups include alumni, former or current professors, co-workers, supervisors and clients. You can then expand your search to people in target companies.
  2. Once you identify potential connections, review their profiles and reflect on the value of connecting to them. Be smart and strategic: not every employee at a target company will be a valuable connection.
  3. Next, draft a customized message you can include in your connection request. Sending a customized message is a must; it will help people determine why you are reaching out and what you have to offer.
  4. Be genuinely curious about the person and the work they do. If you are reaching out because you just want them to give (find) you a job, you will not be able to build a quality relationship.

Be active: Having a polished profile is only the beginning

  1. Follow target influencers and companies. Who you follow becomes part of your brand and professional image, so be strategic.
  2. Join relevant affinity or professional groups and interact with other members.
  3. Share, like, and comment on articles from employers and influencers you follow.
  4. Write. Write. Write. Become an influencer by drafting original content and publishing your articles on LinkedIn. Using relevant hashtags brings people to your profile and increases your profile rating.

Good luck building a professional profile on LinkedIn!